Come Travel With Us!

First National Bank is one of the few banks to offer a travel club, which is called the First Priority Club.  We offer guided trips both within the United States and worldwide.  We also host luncheons, movie days, day and overnight trips, casino trips, and enrichment activities aimed at making life easier for our seniors.

It’s easy to enroll, and only $20 dollars per year to become a member. As a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter, access to the luncheons and other activities, and priority to sign up for all trips. We appreciate our customers and want to offer them safe and enjoyable travel opportunities. Guests are always welcome, so bring a friend.

If you are age 50 or better and maintain at least one of the following banking relationships, you can qualify to join us as a “First Priority Club” member:

  • Minimum balance of $500 in a First Club 50 or Savings Account, or $2,500 in a First Club Now Account
  • Money Market or Certificate of Deposit account
  • Joint account qualifies both husband and wife to be members

Upcoming Trips:

Albuquerque Balloon Festival and Santa Fe  October 8-14 (bus)

Israel/Jordan Holylands October 23- November 3

European Christmas markets November 25- December 3

San Antonio trip Jan 22-26 (bus)

Washington DC (cherry blossom time) March 21-26

Solar Eclipse Mystery Trip April 6-9 (bus)

Come join us, you will be glad you did!

Click Here to fill out and email some info for Sheri.  She will be in contact shortly, unless she is on a trip!

photo of employee sheri freeman

Sheri Freeman
First Priority Club Director

Sheri Freeman | Facebook

Contact Sheri for the latest news and schedule of events!