Qualification Worksheet | First National Bank & Trust (Okmulgee, OK)

Quick Qualification Worksheet for Conventional Mortgages

Gross Monthly Income
Salary or Wages $
Other Salary or Wages  $
Rental Income  $
Investment Income  $
Additional Income 
Total Income $


Qualifying Number
Total Monthly Income x 0.43 = $


Long Term Debts
Car Loan Payment $
Credit Card Payments $
Other Loan Payment $
Other Loan Payment $
Student Loan Payment $
Total Debts $
Maximum amount of housing payments for which you would qualify
Subtract total monthly debts from the qualifying number $

IMPORTANT: This worksheet provides a rough estimate for conventional, fixed-term mortgages. Loan terms vary depending on type of mortgage and lender policies. 

Consult a professional lender for exact data.

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